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Driving Sustainable Energy, Innovating for Tomorrow

We innovate in sustainable energy for a greener tomorrow. Our approach balances technological advancement with environmental care. Committed to integrity, we lead energy's future with precision.


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Founded in 2019 by Brett Kroh, Kroh Exploration innovates in oil and gas recovery, prioritizing sustainability and ROI.

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Seismic Exploration

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Geological Analysis

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Unleashing Potential in Every Energy Venture

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    "Our Rig #3 drilled Kroh Exploration's first well in Clay County in 2022. Even from our early conversations prior to drilling the well, Brett and his team appeared well organized and effectively communicated to me their goals and concerns. It was evident they had done their research on our company and were respectful of our reputation and experience in the area. The well was drilled quickly without complications and we were paid much quicker than required. We'd be more than happy to drill for Kroh Exploration again in the future."

    V.P. / Petroleum Engineer, Steinberger Drilling Company

    J.D. Steinberger

    Our goals

    Seamless Process from Initial Exploration to Final Yield

    Our comprehensive approach encompasses each stage of oil and gas operations, ensuring efficiency and success from exploration to production.


    Identifying potential reservoirs with geophysical tech.


    Drilling to assess reservoir size and commercial value.


    Constructing infrastructure for efficient extraction.


    Continuous extraction, processing, and distribution.

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