John R. Fahy

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John R. Fahy is a seasoned securities attorney with significant regulatory experience, including serving as an Enforcement Attorney for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Texas State Securities Board. His extensive regulatory experience means that he has a great relationship with regulators, helping him navigate the complex SEC system. He’s also served as general counsel of two broker-dealers and an investment adviser. He currently chairs the Securities Law Committee of the State Bar of Texas’s Business Law Section.

John practices securities law, advising broker-dealers, investment advisers, and issuers on regulatory and compliance matters. He helps ensure that people seeking venture capital understand the nuances and hurdles so they can be set up correctly from the beginning in order to avoid complex and costly securities enforcement issues. John is experienced in preparing public and private offering documents, SEC filings and corporate documentation. He also represents clients in inquiries and investigations by the SEC, FINRA, the Texas State Securities Board, and other securities regulators and advises on compliance issues.


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